Health Care For All Americans, Part 1

Now that I have Extreme Thinkover set up and online, although still under construction, the next post is going to be an analysis of what is wrong with the health care proposals put forth by both the Democrats and the Republicans. My initial assessment, after reading a report in the Wall Street Journal of a debate between two policy advisers for McCain and Obama is that both were doomed from the beginning. This convinced me that the ideas I had been experimenting with can provide a new frame of reference to decide what will actually work and result in a healthier, more productive, more satisfied population.

The typical arguments for or against universal health care always focus on what the government will have to spend, what taxes will have to be raised to finance it at any level, or providing health care to consumers, i.e., virtually the whole population, has been, from my perspective, approached from the wrong frame of reference.

What I don’t understand is that current wisdom regarding health care policy theory appears to arise out of obsolete paradigms, which, granted is not that difficult to do at the pace the health care industry is evolving, but also no real excuse not to be paying close enough attention to realize they are barking up the wrong tree. Stay tuned.

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