Health Care Industry Bail Out???

I’m kidding. Sort of. But without question the meltdown in the financial sector will have ripple effects into health care. After all, health insurance is just one more extension of the tendrils of AIG and a plethora of others just like it (although not as large, thank goodness!). At this writing Congress has not yet made a decision to accept Treasury and the Fed’s plan that costs $700 billion. If you don’t have that sour feeling in the pit of your stomach, you’re not paying attention. It’s a safe bet, however, whatever solution they finally come up with isn’t likely to improve the chances of the approximately 45 million plain ol’ folks without health insurance to finally having basic access.

My point: America’s health care plan has been in meltdown for decades and no one in the White House or in Congress has had the political will to bail it out, even though as I have suggested in my previous blogs, universal access would generate billions in increased productivity and tax revenue. Big Money, 1, Healthy Americans, 0.

Take a look at this article published today by F. Brunley Bruton for MSNBC.Com on her experience with health care in Great Britain and the United States: As I suggested, copying another country’s health care model is not a viable option.

1 thought on “Health Care Industry Bail Out???

  1. You’re right. There are studies that show America pays more for healthcare because we have insurance companies that work as a middle man without providing any service. Insurance doesn’t provide any value to anyone. They take 100’s of billions of dollars out of the system for profit and often refuse to pay claims. Its cheaper to directly fund the healthcare from the government than it is to hire teams of people to work for hospitals trying to get money from insurance companies, and its easier on the taxpayer, because you don’t have to fight with insurance companies to get them to pay claims.

    I lived in Germany for 5 years, and had a surgery there. It was probably the best hospital stay I ever had and there was no mention of insurance or money. They can also go to school until they have a PHD if they want and never incur debt for schooling! If America is so great, why is it so difficult to immigrate to Europe? Because if Europe opened the doors they would be flooded with people.

    On bailouts – If I miss a payment on a house, the banks come take it. But when the bank misses a payment, we give them back the money and say “do-over”?? We are basically saying, “You squandered that trillion dollars, so here’s some more money out of my pocket so that you can loan it back to me for interest” How rediculous.

    Paulson has over 700 million in assets and was the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Paulson was appointed by Bush. This is nothing more than a huge plot by the super wealthy and Bush to orchestrate the stealing of 700 billion in taxpayer money. Its Bush’s grand finale, he and his banking partners and Paulson will all profit incredibly from this. Its Bush’s last stand, to grab as much money as possible from taxpayers and give it to the super wealthy right before leaving office.

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