Today’s Act: The Veep Debate

Here are a few questions I have now the Vice Presidential candidates’ debate is over.  You can get depth from the commentators and pundits.

  1. How many questions posed by Gwen Iffl did Sarah Palin and Joe Biden actually never answer? What were they and what might that mean about what kind of leader she or he would be?
  2. How many times did Joe Biden say he loves John McCain?
  3. How many times did Sarah Palin say the word “again” as she was trying to formulate an answer?
  4. Okay, so is it “eye-raq” and “eye-ran” or “i-raq” and “i-ran”?  (We know it is not new-kew-lar!)
  5. Who had the more effective dramatic portrayal: Joe and his “I’m the scrappy lad from Scranton,” or Sarah and her “Ah shucks, I’m just a sweet little thing from Wasilla?”
  6. Which candidate would you want to be your physician if you had a life-threatening illness?

So, the curtain closes on the VP act, grist for the pundits’ mill.  Good theater and good performances, but really more of an intermission to the grand act waiting in the wings when the House of Representatives votes Friday on the financial rescue bill the Senate passed on Wednesday.  The silence from the White House is deafening. The outcome may very well determine the country’s fate for generations to come.  Like I said in my post from yesterday, we are in the midst of the supernova explosion: will the outcome be the diamond neutron star or the black hole?

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