Getting Ready for the Real Work: Health Care After the Election

Twenty-four hours from now we will know who the next President of the United States will be.  That will be the moment the real work for bringing health care to all Americans begins.  Obama’s plan or McCain’s?  The AMA’s “Voice for the Uninsured” or AARP’s “Divided We Fail?”

If you have been a regular reader of my blog you know that I have reservations about all of the above.  All of them have a fundamental policy flaw: they begin with trying to control the cost of health insurance, but without a clear strategy for how to first establish national goals for a healthy America.  As a result, I am convinced that these plans will never work as promised, and in the end, cost us billions of dollars as well as come nowhere close to the medical and health needs for a healthy America across generations.

One nationally-based organization has designed a plan that parallels my primary assumptions for health care.   That organization is the Catholic Health Association, which is the voice for most Catholic-related hospitals and other health care facilities.  Now, don’t go squeamish on me, just because you might not agree with Roman Catholic theology and doctrines relating to contraception and abortion (or even if you do).  Instead, I invite my readers to thoughtfully consider the principles put forth in what they call the “CHA Vision.”

Disclosure: I work for a Catholic hospital that supports CHA principles, but is not a CHA-system hospital.  I am a member of a Protestant denomination.

Here is CHA’s promotional PowerPoint.  (Of course, you’ll need at least PowerPoint viewer to open this)  (CHA Vision courtesy of Catholic Health Association).


As always, I invite your comments.

And be sure you vote!

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