This Man Most Improbable

There he stood.

Steady, solid, focused, almost relaxed.

A man changed in an instant, all the while sharing an energy for change from the well of his being,

He looked at us.  He looked into the eyes of the crowd, into the cameras.

The world watched with the expectancy of a long-held breath.

This man most improbable.

He looked into our souls, this soul of a nation,

And with words calm and articulate called to us who are blended by birth and destiny,

“One out of Many,” a nation of grand contradictions, a cord of three hundred million strands,

Woven into a rope that binds tightly a land of liberty, freedom and justice.

This man most improbable,

Strong with his own blending, resolute of mind and intellect,

And faith, more than a sextant, a magnetic force drawn by grace to the One who is Word and Peace.

There he stood, shoulders steady, voice assured, his gaze focused on a future yet to be,

The mantle, granted by We the People, he will be sworn to wear, hovering above in the clear night air.

“Yes!” this people said, reaching beyond “We can” to”We will for we are American.”

Barack Obama, President of the United States.

The world’s long-held expectant breath now matched by eyes widened in wonder,

At this most improbable nation holding high anew the torch of liberty, as one out of many

Strides from our midst, unexpected, yes, now a servant of Democracy, and her daughter,

The United States of America.

Barack Obama, this man most improbable.

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