The Current Rules in the 4000 Year War

Earlier today, I posted my latest blog, “The Perfect War: 4000 Years and Going Strong.”  It was a companion piece to my earlier blog, “Abraham’s Lot.”  Both are commentaries on the current conflict in the Middle East, this time between Israel and Palestine, specifically the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

This evening, David Brooks, New York Times columnist published an op-ed piece titled  “The Confidence War.”   Read the whole piece.

But I invite you to read my two postings, as well.  This quote from Brooks should whet your appetite:

This new game isn’t a war of attrition. It’s a struggle for confidence, a series of psychological exchanges designed to shift the balance of morale. The material destroyed in an episode can be replaced, but the psychological effects are more lasting. What is really important is how each episode ends, because the ending defines the meaning — who mastered events and who was mastered by them.

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