Happy Moon Day, World! July 20, 1969

Apollo 11 Bootprint. Photo: NASA

Apollo 11 Crew. L-R: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin. Photo: NASA

Buzz Aldrin unpacking equipment on the moon from the Eagle lander. Photo: NASA


 Verse on the 6th movement theme (Maestoso) from Saint-Saens’ Symphony #3, The Organ Symphony, Op. 78.  Meter:


From life’s womb our birth

          beholds the stars,

Embraced by Galacta’s

          spiraling arms.

Her xanthic star

          darkness is o’erwhelmed,

Seeds spring from

          elemental dust it warms.


Childhood, sustained

Apollo 11 Launch

          by this oceaned orb,

Sparks genesis of

          consciousness and fire.

Galacta’s ocean

          vast paradise,

So we leap to the sky

          atop Sol’s spire.

David C. Waggoner, March 16, 1998, Copyright (C) 1998


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