33 Men


A Banner of the 33 Trapped Miners. Photo: Courtesy CNN.com


33 Men

Once again, in the face of what could have been an unfathomable tragedy, the triumph of the human will, the willingness to act out of our most profound altruistic urges, the borders of nations, the barriers of language, the walls of politics, the tribal constraints of false definitions of race have all been surmounted. We stand as one people rejoicing in the rescue of these 33 ordinary men who have survived an unprecedented historical moment. And their will to live, survive and persevere becomes a living testimony to the strength of all humanity–when we put away our petty divisiveness and choose to live as one people on one planet.

In this TV grab taken from a video released by Chile’s Presidency, trapped miners celebrate inside the San Jose mine in Copiapo, Chile, Friday Sept. 17, 2010. Drilling equipment pounded its way into one of the caverns where 33 miners have been trapped for a month and a half, completing a bore hole ahead of schedule on Friday and raising hopes that the men can be pulled out earlier than expected. Source: Springfield News-Sun (AP Photo/Chile’s Presidency)

1 thought on “33 Men

  1. I cried every time another miner reached the surface! Such an incredible outcome. And a testament to our ability to unite in the face of adversity. So proud of those 33 men. They’ve given the rest of us hope for another day in the battle.

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