Hospital Food for the Mind

Okay, let’s get one thing straight. This post is not about hospital food even though I work in said institution and eat its food almost daily.

I’ve decided to create a new sometime feature on Extreme Thinkover that I’ll write on my lunchtime sitting in our dining room eating hospital food. That’s the hook. Pretty simple, but these posts will mostly be short on account of the time constraint of my lunch time.  Get it? Good.

Here is intallment #1:

The debt ceiling.

If I were a member of congress, I’d vote no.  Why?

If Sen. Mitch McConnell is smiling, anyone with the slightest leaning toward progressive and responsible government should be running screaming in the opposite direction.  That smile means he just defeated the White House and the Democratically-controlled senate.

Put that all together and you have guaranteed a horrendous piece of legislation that will generate some of the worst intended and unitended consequences in the history of the country!

I agree with NYTs columnist Paul Krugman that this bill is a disaster. I’d add a disaster based on a delusional Zeitgeist fueled by those whose political self-centeredness creates a whole new clinical diagnosis above narcissism. Perhaps it could be named TEA: Terribly Egopolitical Agitators.


I strongy disagree with PK, however, that the only stance is to be a stiff-backed progressive, and being a centrist is a bad thing. If we had a significant number of centrists in Congress supporting the president, I contend we might not have ever gotten into this ugly extremist versus extremist battle-royale to begin with.

Update:I received a note from one of my readers that my use of the phrase “tea bag” is a code word for a particular sexual act, something I was not aware of. So, yes I rewrote part of the post. I wanted to convey my consternation, not make a veiled peurile insult. Even though both Houses passed the bill and President Obama will sign it, I still would have voted “no.” DW.

1 thought on “Hospital Food for the Mind

  1. Benjamin Franklin was somewhat doubtful that the new Republic could maintain itself over the long term. The steady erosion of the Congressional branch’s ability to hold up its part of the governing bargain may be–probably is–proof that his doubts were justified.

    All of the ills that are revealed by the sorry display in Washington over the past several years can be traced to a single and pervasive causation: Money.

    The result of campaign contributions in enormous amounts by the wealthy and industrial interests (also known as bribery or baksheesh in the rest of the world), the scramble to re-district to keep seats safe for the most ideological driven professional House members (who eventually cash in on K Street) and the weight of Eisenhower’s dreaded “military-industrial complex” are but the biggest parts of the scandalous slide to Oligarchy.

    The anger of the Tea Party, while misdirected, naive and having exactly the wrong impact on the problem, is a result of marginalized voters realizing that government is not working for them and then associating Democrats with even bigger government. They then turn to the smarmy Oligarchs for succor and their promise to starve the beast. They will starve it alright, taking chunks of benefits away from the very people who turned to them for help.

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