Extreme Thinkover Comments Require Civil Discourse

To my dear readers:
From the beginning of Extreme Thinkover, I have set a standard for civil discourse on the blog.  I hold myself to that standard.  See the header for my statement on civil discourse.

In the past few days I received a comment from an individual that appears to fit the description of a “troll.” Trolls or trollers are persons who search the blogosphere for posts or blogsites that they disagree with for political or ideological reasons and then write comments that are usually tirades that often use profane, even lewd language attacking the individual they oppose.

In this case, the comment was a crude, ad hominem attack against the President of United States, as well as myself.

The individual who wrote the comment is a known troll who writes inflammatory comments, not just to individual blogs, but as a prolific far-right-wing spammer.  It is possible that the writer may actually be more than one person, but his style (a male’s name appears as the author of the comment) is quite consistent with other material I have read authored by the guy, so I assume that one person is responsible for the comment..

How do I know this?  WordPress provides its bloggers with a significant amount of information from those who submit comments and replies.  As a result I have access to some of this man’s track record on the Internet.

I have no problem with my readers disagreeing with me.  In fact, in my statement on civil discourse I specifically mention you are welcome to do just that.  I will not, however, approve comments or replies that violate that standard.

3 thoughts on “Extreme Thinkover Comments Require Civil Discourse

  1. I can assure you that you are NOT the troll. I’ve read a number of things this guy has written and he is notorious for making ad hominem attacks against any person or cause that does not match with his ultra-right-wing ideology. Additionally, his rant was in regards to a post I wrote nearly four years ago. Since I denied approval of the comment, it did not appear on the blogsite at all.

  2. I hope I am not the troll you are referring to, as I am the only one to post a comment on the previous blog post.JB Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 21:45:50 +0000 To: bogenbmg@hotmail.com

  3. A definition of a good comment might be one that moves the debate/discussion forward without resorting to personal attacks, ad hominem and strawman arguments, justifying bad behavior with other bad behavior, etc. One good check a person can do before posting a comment anonymously on the internet is to first ask oneself if they would say what they wrote directly to someone in person. If not, it is probably best not to post the comment, unless the purpose is to inflame.

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