About Extreme Thinkover


Extreme Thinkover is penned by Dr David Waggoner, PhD.

Location: Eugene, Oregon, USA

A Bit of Bio…

David Waggoner lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife, Lorette,  and our dog, Angel, a  rescued Treeing Walker Coonhound. (Her Native American name is “Nose in Flight.”) He has very eclectic interests, including health care (in which he works), public policy, science and religion, biblical studies, science fiction. space, cosmology, history of astronomy and back yard astronomy.  Much to his surprise, his current career is as a hospital chaplain, although he has a decade and a half of college executive experience as a dean and vice president for student affairs.  In that context he has also done a lot of institutional research.  Having fulfilled his grandfather’s prophesy that when he finally finished school he would be “old” he can claim 18 years of undergraduate and graduate study, culminating in a PhD in Higher Education Policy and Management from the University of Oregon in 2002.  Maybe some day he’ll set up a link to his dissertation. Oh, yeah, he loves all sorts of music, from classical to rock, from Scottish bagpipes to Monteverdi.  He came up with Extreme Thinkover at the suggestion from his daughter, Bethany (aka: Starns Bailey), who has her own rather edgy and creative blog at  www.littlegirlbigvoice.com.

So, I’m the guy that always seems to ask, what if we looked at this from an entirely new frame of reference by challenging the assumptions of the prevailing “wisdom?” Thanks for reading my stuff!

One caveat: Exteme Thinkover is a forum for civil discourse (that attribute seemingly being in short supply).  You can be pointed, ironic, witty, angry, cranky, or perplexed, but sleaze attacks, ad hominem attacks and just plain rude mudslinging comments will not be posted.

Extreme Thinkover, Copyright © and  ™  2012, David C. Waggoner, PhD

Extremethinkover.Com, Copyright © and  ™  2012, David C. Waggoner, PhD

David at Dee Wright State Park in the high Oregon Cascades

David at Dee Wright State Park in the high Oregon Cascades with my trusty Meade Newtonian 6″ Reflector

2 thoughts on “About Extreme Thinkover

  1. Hi David,
    I came across your term extreme thinkover because I use the term “thinkover” with my career counseling clients all the time and simply had to find the other soul who shares my view from the park bench with me. Turns out I also lived in Eugene for two years, maybe the magic waters has had a life long impact on me. Thanks for putting your post out there…good stuff!

  2. Rev Dr David Waggoner,

    Thank you so much for your post on my blog on the abcnews website. I thought your comments were so clear and wise. I don’t generally read message boards b/c they are often quite frankly mean and unuseful. so i am doubly grateful for your words.


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