Extreme Thinkover– A New Look–Still Extremely Thinking Over!


Change is good.  If you’ve worked like I have in an industry such as health care, you also know that change is the only constant.  You either decide change is good or you end up decompensating physically and emotionally into a nervous wreck.  I started Extreme Thinkover (XTO) nearly three years ago to have an outlet for my desire to write in a public forum–and to better deal with that whole change thing, myself.  What I discovered is that  blogging occasionally is like writing your diary and posting it on a billboard next to a major urban interstate.  On the other hand, it is also an amazing personalized bully pulpit from which to express your opinions and advocate for issues you hold to be of great importance.  And then, sometimes it’s just a outlet to write for fun, to be funny, maybe sarcastic, or even tender and reflective.  So that’s why I write XTO.  My interests vary widely, and that is my intent to continue for the next phase of Extreme Thinkover.

Blogging, though, is just not about the words.  It is also about the look.  The look of the theme is as important as good writing.  Our brain’s occipital lobe, where vision is located is second in size only to the frontal lobe where reason and thinking are.  We know by seeing.  We know by thinking.  In blogging we get to put integrate them into words and pictures.  Together, the two are key to what makes us human.  And that is what makes blogging in both it’s verbal and visual dimensions so very interesting and powerful.

I look forward to your joining me on my journeys in blogging.  My most special thanks goes to my daughter for her professional expertise in helping me choose and design the new Extreme Thinkover look.  My wife’s expertise with PhotoShop produced the classy visually-captivating header.  And thanks to WordPress for this new theme and all their support for their bloggers!