I Have a Cold. I Hate Colds! My Head Feels Like…

The Runny Nose has met its Match

The Runny Nose has met its Match

I have a cold.  It’s February.  I hate colds.  I’m not crazy about February.  Here in western Oregon, February is grey and miserable.  Rainy, grey and miserable.

My head feels like…  Well, think of it this way.  Take a balloon, one of those big stretchy ones.  Fill it with not-quite-set-up Jello.  Shove a bunch of whole pecans into it (they look like little brain pieces), and then shake vigorously, so it will feel like there is something kind of solid in it, but not really.  Then draw my face on the balloon.

Yep, that’s pretty much what my head feels like right now.

In honor of cold season, I invite all my readers to reply with how your head feels like when you have a cold.  It’s February.  We could all use a snicker or two.

In the mean time, GO WASH YOUR HANDS!

Image source: Syamak Moattari, School of Public Health Blog Site