David Devolving

First, that Sophisticated Male Neanderthal Look:

Not Bad! I get to keep my hair!

And now, my more feminine side:

Okay, I promise not to enter any beauty contests…Hmm, need a little work on that upper lip, though.

Now, revving up the way-back machine into high...

Hmm, what does it mean when you like your image of an ancestor half a million years old better than the one you’re stuck with in the present?

Cranking up the time machine again, and getting a gender change.  Wasn’t that one of the things Dr. McCoy always worried about getting into the transporter?

Back to the future. That upper lip thing needs some depilatory work, that’s for sure.

Here’s some fun with the Droid camera’s special effects–for your nightmares!

Guess I’ll just stay Homo sapiens sapiens.  After all I’ve got the genome and a smart phone.  What more does a modern hominid need?

What You See is What You Get…

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